About PowerNet

CPWS website for PowerNet shown on tablet screen

Columbia Power & Water Systems (CPWS) is a public utility that has been serving the citizens of Columbia and Maury County since 1939. CPWS PowerNet was established in 2003 and provides high-speed internet service to homes and businesses within the City of Columbia. CPWS also provides commercial data services and wide area networks for businesses in the area. CPWS PowerNet operates a hybrid fiber/coax (HFC) distribution network within the city limits, and we are continuously expanding with fiber-to-the-home (FTTx) in some neighborhoods in the county.

Reliability and superior customer service are our primary goals. CPWS PowerNet strives to maintain an extremely reliable Broadband system serving the local needs of our community. To provide the highest level of service to our customers, CPWS PowerNet has a preventive maintenance plan, which includes reviews of key transport components and network equipment. CPWS PowerNet meets all standards required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and other applicable codes and requirements. Because of the importance of high-speed data to many businesses and home offices, CPWS PowerNet operates 24/7.