Malware and Virus Protection

Malware is a program that is developed by cybercriminals (hackers) to steal your personal data or to damage or destroy your computer. Some of these programs are developed for monetary gain, while others are developed out of sheer meanness. Computer viruses are one type of malware.

These programs can slow down your computer and can leave your private information vulnerable. To keep your computer and information safe from these attacks, you can follow a few steps to keep your computer better protected.

Scan your computer for malware/viruses. There are many anti-virus programs available that you can use to scan your computer. This should be done routinely to ensure that your information remains safe.

Setting up a firewall will also help protect your computer. A firewall is a form of network security that controls incoming and outgoing data based on security rules. It serves as a barrier between a trusted network (your computer) and an untrusted network (the Internet).

In addition, make sure your local home network has password security. An unsecured network makes it easy for someone to hack.

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