Cross Connection Summer Notice

As summer arrives, people will continue working outdoors in their yards and gardens and maintaining swimming pools. CPWS would like to ensure our customers are aware of the dangers associated with these activities during this time of year.

A garden hose submerged in any liquid, or attached to certain devices used to spray pesticides or herbicides, forms a cross connection. A cross connection is a situation where a possible source of contamination is directly linked to our public water system. If the end of your garden hose is connected to a chemical container, fertilizer sprayer, or other contaminant during a water main break or fire, the substance can be siphoned back into the water system. This condition, known as back siphonage, could cause a public health hazard.

Devices are available to prevent this problem; however, the best solution is to always be careful how you use your garden hose. Safety devices, such as hose connection “vacuum breakers” can be purchased inexpensively at any hardware store and does not require a plumber. Remember to buy a safety device for all your outdoor taps, including frost-free spigots. All irrigation systems must be protected by a backflow device.

Please help us provide a safe supply of water to all our customers. Remember, never place a garden hose in anything you would not want to drink. For more information on cross connections and how to protect against them, please call CPWS at (931) 388-4833 or visit our Cross Connection & Backflow Prevention webpage.

Examples of residential cross-connection hazards