Energy & Lighting


We are available when you need us to resolve energy-related problems and to develop a comprehensive energy use strategy that will meet the special needs of your business. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • HVAC Recommendations
  • Types of Systems
  • System Sizing
  • Operating Costs
  • Economic Life Cycle Analysis
  • Lighting – Inside and Outdoor Security
  • Power Quality
  • Disturbance Monitoring
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Electric Consumption
  • Facility Usage Profile
  • Energy Audits
  • Commercial Food Service Equipment Selection and Sizing
  • Economic Analysis
  • Kitchen Layout
  • Refrigeration Recommendations
  • Electric Distribution Systems and Wiring
  • Sizing Equipment
  • Troubleshooting
  • New Construction
  • Energy Use Projections
  • System Cost Comparisons
  • Materials and Building Techniques
  • Water Heating Sizing
  • Economic Analysis


Whatever the size of your business, CPWS can study your indoor and outdoor lighting and recommend solutions that best fit your needs.

Indoor applications include the design and location of energy-efficient fluorescent lighting in commercial facilities and high-intensity discharge lighting in industrial buildings.

Outdoor applications include lighting design for parking lots, sports fields, roadways, and building exteriors. There are a number of ways in which outdoor lighting can benefit your business:

Low-Cost Crime Protection

Crime is one of the biggest problems facing our nation today, and security is the name of the game. Your customers will feel more secure crossing a well lit parking lot. Outdoor lighting discourages would-be intruders, reduces theft and vandalism, and helps police officers spot potential problems.


Good lighting reduces the possibility of injuries sustained by employees or customers tripping over curbs or other parking lot hazards. And with automatic dusk-to-dawn controls, no one has to remember to turn the lights on or off.


Lighting spotlights your business and lets customers know you’re open. Lighting provides your business with the warm, inviting atmosphere customers appreciate.


Outdoor lighting can extend the use of outdoor facilities beyond the daylight hours. Picnic and garden areas open for use at night boost employee morale and comfort.

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We can:

  • Analyze your specific lighting needs.
  • Design a lighting plan that fits your location and budget.
  • Set up a leasing plan that includes installation and maintenance of the system.