Valley Investment Initiative

The Valley Investment Initiative (VII) is an economic development incentive program jointly conducted by TVA and distributors of TVA power. VII offers competitive incentives to eligible customers who make multi-year commitments to invest in the Tennessee Valley. The program has enjoyed great success with existing power customers since October 2009 and was recently expanded for use as a recruitment tool to attract new customers, investments, and jobs to the Valley. For more information, visit the Tennessee Valley Authority website.

Small Manufacturing Credit

This rate overlay helps qualifying small manufacturers remain competitive by providing rate credits when electric demand for a month exceeds 1,000 kW. Companies whose monthly demand falls between 1,000 and 5,000 kW and SIC code is between 20 and 39, will qualify to receive the substantial benefits of the Small Manufacturing Credit Program.

Coincident Demand Billing

Manufacturers that use power at times when most electric usage is low can benefit by using this special billing rate that rewards “off peak” users of electricity. If you are a manufacturer that needs less power during the afternoons and evenings in summer months and not much power in the mornings during winter months, contact CPWS about this special incentive rate.