Security Lighting


Have you ever tripped over something when you took out the trash in the dark? Have you had to stumble around to your way to the door because your porch light was out? These and many other potentially dangerous situations can be alleviated by adding outdoor lighting.

For Convenience

Outdoor lighting will add many hours to the time you and your family can spend enjoying your yard. Outdoor lighting can provide more “day-like” hours for basketball on a driveway, summer cookouts, badminton courts, gardening, or wherever you would like to continue your activities after dark.

For Security

Surely as night follows day, crime goes up when the sun goes down. That’s why outdoor lighting protects your family and home from violence, theft, and vandalism. A 2-year lighting study done in Washington, D.C. shows a 44% decrease in residential burglary and a 22% decrease in vandalism after the installation of outdoor lighting. There is no doubt that outdoor security lighting offers peace of mind and is one of the cheapest forms of insurance you can buy.

Please contact Columbia Power & Water Systems (CPWS) for information on adding outdoor lighting to your home. For a nominal monthly fee, CPWS can install and maintain specialized lighting to nearby utility poles to help illuminate your home.  Please CPWS at (931) 388-4833 for more information.