New Water Service Process

Are you building a new home or business and need a connection to CPWS’ dependable water system? Connections are subject to the rules and regulations adopted by the City of Columbia’s Board of Public Utilities.

CPWS desires to meet the needs of our community as efficiently and effectively as possible. We must also ensure that our fees cover our costs. To meet these goals, CPWS is making changes to our New Water Service Request Process and Developer Fees.

The figure and table below present the New Water Service Request Process and the new Developer Fees. You can also download or save this information using the following documents:

Developers/Commercial Application for Water Service
This is an application to Columbia Power and Water Systems (CPWS) to evaluate the request for water service for the property set forth in this application, for any parcel of real property requiring new or increased service, or requiring a public water line extension. This application package consists of this application form, a fire flow letter from the Columbia Fire & Rescue Fire Marshall, and a digital copy of the site plan of the project (developed in CAD/GIS and submitted in PDF format, no hand-drawn plans will be accepted). All of these documents must be provided to CPWS before any action will be taken on this application.
MM slash DD slash YYYY
Please indicate the primary contact for coordination with CPWS (provide contact info for all)

Contact info for Authorized Representative


For Residential Projects

For Multi-Family Units Only

For Commercial/Institutional Projects

Flow and residual pressure required for each type of service:
For example: Building 1 - 2 stories Building 1 - 1st Floor - Daycare - 5,000 SF Building 1 - 1st Floor - Coffee Shop - 2,000 SF Building 1 - 1st Floor - Retail - 3,000 SF Building 1 - 2nd Floor - Offices - 10,000 SF Building 2 - 3 stories Building 2 - Offices - 30,000 SF
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    Navigating the New Water Service Request Process: A Step-by-Step Guide

    The flow chart shows each step of the new process, who is responsible for each step, and when each fee will be paid. To begin the process, simply contact CPWS as you normally do, and our capable staff will walk you through the process. This process will improve our effectiveness as we strive to serve our community.

    Fee Structures

    The Developer Fee table below presents the new fee structure associated with new water service requests. You will notice 4 separate fees. Each fee is intended to recover costs as CPWS incurs them. This structure will also prevent new service applicants from paying for fees before they are needed. Also, as you can see from meter fees in the table, CPWS will not be using 5/8” meters for residential service from this time forward.

    New Water Services Fees

    Rate Class
    (3 lots or less)
    (4 lots or larger)
    All Commercial
    Application Fee
    New Water Service Fees
    Plus $370 per SFU+
    Plus $370 per SFU+
    Plus $370 per SFU+
    Meter Fee
    $100 per 34"meter
    $1,280 per 1" meter
    $540 per 34"meter
    $710 per 1" meter
    Furnished by Customer
    Impact Fees
    See Schedule Below
    See Schedule Below
    See Schedule Below
    +"single family unit equivalent"


    Impact Fee Schedule

    Meter Size
    FY23 Impact Fee

    These changes went into effect on January 1, 2023. If you wish to speak to a CPWS representative regarding specific questions you might have, please call us at (931) 388-4833.

    Developer & Engineer Information

    The information contained here is intended to assist property owners, developers, and engineers in determining whether adequate water supply is available to serve your project and whether any off-site improvements may be required. Below is a flow chart that depicts the process that must be followed: